Welcome & Opening Remarks

Welcome to CyberSecurity Festival - Chapter 2!

Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing & Delta

Delta: Security Top 10s

A short presentation by Delta.

John Leonard, Group Research Director, Computing & Delta

Keynote: Inside the Mind of a Hacker
  • An insight into some of the simple techniques’ hackers use to steal information.
  • How to think like a hacker including some eye-opening demonstrations.
  • What steps everyone can take to help mitigate the risk of a data breach.

Joe Burns, Co-Founder & CEO, Reformed IT

KnowBe4: Your Organisation Through the Eyes of an Attacker

The bad guys are out there, watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike. They are gathering information about your organisation and users, devising the perfect plan to infiltrate your defences. What if you could see your organisation through the eyes of an attacker?

We'll give you insights into their motivations and how you can use that information to your advantage. Plus, we’ll show simple strategies you can implement to make your organisation a harder target.

Javvad Malik, Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

Field Effect Software: No SIEM, No Problem - Why More Technology and Automation is Not Always the Answer to All Your Cyber Security Headaches
As cyber threats and have become more sophisticated and more frequent, organisations have added ever more point solutions to their security stack – adding cost, complexity, and resourcing challenges. It’s an environment that sees vendors thrive off upselling new solutions to customers as they seek to avoid featuring in the next data breach headline.

Businesses are now looking for new ways to combat this security infrastructure sprawl, often turning to SIEM solutions for centralisation of security events and greater use of automation and threat detection. While these routes have their benefits, they also come with their own problems and can be beyond the budgets of SMEs and smaller enterprises. However, that doesn’t mean comprehensive, cost-effective, and manageable security is unachievable for those organisations. This webinar, in which we’ll be sharing our bespoke research findings, will reveal how SMBs and small enterprises can overcome their alert fatigue, resourcing challenges, and security infrastructure sprawl, without blowing their budget on SIEM and bleeding-edge automation.

For all the technology advances, cyber security analysts continue to play a leading role in keeping organisations secure for the foreseeable future. And they can do this most effectively when supported by fully integrated, holistic approaches to security solutions – automating what is known but relying on human analysts to keep customers truly secure and uninterrupted by alerts.

Rob Brewer, Lead SE & Cyber Evangelist, Field Effect Software

Refreshment Break
Panel Discussion: Hybrid Hazards
  • As your workforce migrates to a hybrid setup, how can you protect your teams and hardware?
  • What are the major risks of hybrid working?
  • How to futureproof your systems for long-term hybrid working?

Javvad Malik, Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

Neil Sinclair, National Cyber Lead, Police Digital Security Centre

Madhu Bhabuta, Managing Director, Brinnovate Ltd.

Chair: Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing & Delta

Darktrace: The Battle of Algorithms - How AI is Beating AI at its Own Game

Among rapidly evolving technological advancements, the emergence of AI-enhanced malware is making cyber-attacks exponentially more dangerous, and harder to identify. As AI-driven attacks evolve, they will be almost indistinguishable from genuine activity, and conducted at an unprecedented speed and scale. In the face of offensive AI, only defensive AI can fight back, detecting even the most subtle indicators of attack in real-time, and respond with surgical actions to neutralize threats - wherever they strike.

In this session, discover:

  • How cyber-criminals are leveraging AI tools to create sophisticated cyber weapons
  • What an AI-powered spoofing threat may look like, and why humans will not be able to spot them
  • Why defensive AI technologies are uniquely positioned to fight back

Toby Lewis, Head of Threat Analysis, Darktrace

Case Study: Cyber Crime - Easier Than You Think
  • Who is behind the recent increase in cybercriminal activity?
  • How do cybercriminals select their targets?
  • What can be done to deter would-be cybercriminals?

Shelton Newsham, Information Security Director, NBS Ltd.

Okta: Digital Transformation - The Future of Work has Changed Forever

Over the past 18 months, our lives have been upended, presenting both challenges and opportunities. We’ve learned to cope with intense work schedules dictated by marathon video meetings and inviting our colleagues and customers into our most personal spaces. The global shift to anytime, anywhere, any device way of working has transformed how we live and operate. And with malicious attacks happening every 14 seconds on average, the challenge for IT is finding a way to support and secure today’s dynamic workforce.

Watch this session to:

  • Learn about the challenges we are facing when it comes to securing a dynamic workforce
  • Discover the latest security solutions and how they protect your company's employees and data
  • Find out how to strengthen your security posture attack

Craig Hinchliffe, Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta

Presentation: Spreading the Costs
  • How do you effectively incorporate development costs and technical debt into your budget?
  • What simple savings can you make to persuade the board to maintain/ increase your budget?
  • What are your recommendations for reducing costs without impacting security?

Andrew Hunt, Director - Change & Transformation, Migrators

Closing Remarks

Thank you for attending CyberSecurity Festival - Chapter 2!

Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing & Delta