Re-imagining Cybersecurity in a Changed World 

10 & 11 May | Wotton House, Surrey

Cybersecurity Festival returns in-person on 10-11 May, bringing together the most senior and influential voices from security leaders throughout the UK.

As the number of sophisticated, engineered, and automated cyber-attacks against public and private sectors is constantly rising, these organisations must maintain stringent defences and securities to protect their systems and data. They also must remain competitive amid the recent cyber-crime upheaval whilst adapting to the current geopolitical and economic environment.

Computing's Cybersecurity Festival presents the opportunity to stay informed on the current trends, connect and meet in person with the top industry leaders and practitioners across different sectors to examine regulations and latest developments in this space as well as to showcase your organisation.

Join your peers at Computing’s Cybersecurity Festival on 10 &11 May for our in-person conference. Both days offer access to exclusive and interactive keynotes, panels, deep-dive and networking sessions, each covering topics including automation and AI, supply-chain security, zero-trust, recruitment and retention, and psychological safety, to name just a few.

Attendees can share practical ideas and examples of rigorous security measures taken by the firms, ways of embedding robust culture that will help protect your business and finally focus on latest initiatives and technological innovations.

All these sessions, and more will be hosted by a diverse group of experienced and engaging subject experts and industry leaders.






Event date: 10 & 11 May