Wayne Johncock, SuperLearningSeries
Wayne Johncock
CEO & Founder

Wayne is CEO and co-founder of SuperLearningSeries, an edtech start-up with special interests in spelling, grammar and maths learning, aimed primarily at KS2 level, but applicable across all age groups. Previously successful in earlier versions, he was intent to take the app to the next level. One of his abiding life principles is that everyone can achieve their maximum potential through learning and education, and a person should never stop learning – especially in today’s ever changing digital world. Equally, businesses are forever evolving – especially in the CISO and cyber space – an area that Wayne is deeply invested in.

Previously a CIO at Centrica and British Gas (the largest utility in the UK), he has worked and lived in 9 countries (New Zealand, Singapore, USA (Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and Arizona, Texas), Sarawak, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Denmark, Germany and the UK over 25 years with his family, delivering large transformation programs.

Wayne and his wife Nicky have been victims of a very serious fraud that has had long lasting effects. Wayne was someone who maintained he would never be conned – but despite the diligence and hard work, he was completely conned by a very astute conman. Wayne has declared to do his utmost to ensure other people do not go through the same experiences and pain him and his wife have had to go through. His interests include sport and education for disadvantaged groups, in the areas of numeracy and literacy. Recently, he has become an avid reader, currently the book he is reading is The People Hacker by Jenny Radcliffe.