Join us for the 2022 CyberSecurity Festival Part 2:

Complimentary registration

Day 1 of the Festival takes place on Tuesday 15 November at One Birdcage Walk in central London from 9am - 5.30pm followed by a drinks reception . Please note, this day is specifically for IT professionals from end user companies . All qualified registrations will be confirmed via email after booking your place.

Please note, all attendees registered for day 1 will aslo receive access to day 2 taking place online.

Day 2 takes place on 17 November and will be broadcasted live from Computing’s studio based in Covent Garden . IT professionals from around the UK are invited to join us for a day of learning through a combination of presentations, panel sessions, fireside chats and workshops.

Day 1 registration: 15 November

Live in London (also access to day 2)

Day 2 registration: 17 November

Online: Live from Computing's Studio