Cybersecurity Festival Chapter 2: Day 1 Agenda

Please note, Day 1 on Tuesday 15 November is exclusively for IT professionals from end user companies. We are unable to offer complimentary tickets for consultants or software providers.

Welcome & opening remarks
Keynote - What is the Future of the CIO Role?

For many CISOs, developing a team which can keep pace with the ever-shifting demands of organisations along the whole supply chain, and stay informed, aware, and prepared to take on the newest threats is a concern which seems to have no easy resolution. Here from an experienced CISO on:

  • Why the CISO role is changing and how this is shaping teams
  • What skills will future security teams need to hold back the maelstrom of threats, as well as spotting and patching every vulnerability
  • How to implement and develop a new culture where security is at the foundation of each task
Zero Trust at the Endpoint: Fighting ransomware with Allowlisting and Ringfencing™

The Zero Trust framework is based on the principle of "never trust, always verify." Join us to learn about Zero Trust, how to adopt it for endpoints, and the technologies you need to take control of your environment in the fight against ransomware.

Vice President of Operations
Case Study – End-to-end Encryption

Encryption is fundamental in protecting any sensitive information, but for the most part is only effective at locking data away, essentially making them digital strong boxes. As with any container, the lock can be picked or the container itself broken in to. Hear from an expert on:

  • How apps like WhatsApp are making end-to-end encryption achievable for instant messaging
  • What emerging technologies will enable and advance encryption
  • Why governments are trying to obstruct public users from protecting their data with end-to-end encryption
Morning Networking & Refreshments Break
Panel Discussion – Furthering Diversity in Security

After years of calls for change and progress, ‘diversity’ can feel as though it is becoming a buzzword rather than a target. However, for organisations who are making roles more accessible to those who previously would have been overlooked are reaping the rewards. Cybersecurity is one area of any organisation which can benefit from expanding its hiring pool and desired skill set. Hear from an expert panel on:

  • What motivated their organisation to adopt diversity principles – image or conscience?
  • How they refined their hiring process to make the role more appealing and accessible to candidates from outside the traditional hiring pool
  • What are the key draws and benefits of increasing ethnic, gender, socio-economic, and neuro diversity of your security teams?
Computing Partner
Fireside Chat – Access and Trust: Everyone and no one

The greatest challenge for any cybersecurity leader is finding the balance between the training employees to use the systems and devices correctly and securing those systems and devices so that they remain secure even when employees fall foul to one of the many vulnerabilities that criminals exploit. Join this session to explore:

  • How fostering a psychologically safe culture into your organisation will strengthen your defences and rapidly increase your threat detection and response time
  • What new technologies complement and enhance zero-trust and MFA
  • Why finding the balance between tech and training is fundamental in understanding your organisations security needs
Computing Partner
Networking Lunch
Panel Discussion – Software & Hard Borders

As the UK and EU continue to wade through the murky waters that is Brexit, the calls for clarity as to how data and information will be shared between these two entities has grown in fervour. Join this session to explore:

  • What the Data Reform Bill and new GDPR regulations will look like and where they differ
  • How the differences between UK and EU data laws will impact businesses
  • What additional security will organisation need to incorporate into their systems and procedures
IT Glue
Deep-dive – Training and culture

Within an organisation, it is common for employees to see security as a task for a handful of specialists in the IT team. However, security professionals know that the first and best line of defence is every user having some level of awareness to how they can be deceived and made vulnerable. Join this session to explore:

  • What basic security training looks like and who benefits from it
  • Real examples where non-security staff have raised the alarm and prevented an attack
  • How leadership can begin to implement and nurture a security first culture
Thanks & Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining us for day 1 of Cybersecurity Festival Part 2 2022. The festival will continue online on November 17th for a final day of keynotes, panels, fireside chats, and more, all hosted by industry experts and leaders.