Roundtable - SoC for the future


High-performing security operations professionals are looking for ways to turn the fight or flight-fuelled short-term momentum of the pandemic into long-term advantage. Establishing the skills, process and tools for continuous, proactive monitoring not only increases an organisation’s security posture, it can also enhance incident response capability. In this discussion we will explore how to build an efficient, automated and intelligence-driven security operations centre, including:

  • Working at scale and speed – how to move up a gear when detecting and reacting to alerts/incidents
  • Using threat intelligence intelligently – using internal and external context to make better decisions and take action
  • What does the future SOC skills map look like?
  • What innovations in recruitment should organisations consider?
  • How are organisations nurturing talent and building transferable skills?

Roundtable participation is limited - if interested please email to register your place.

Director Consulting – Global DFIR, Security Operations & Intelligence Practice
Group Research Director
Senior Systems Manager
Cortex (a Palo Alto Networks company)